I’m trying to be prepared for anything and everything to change at the drop of a hat, because that’s what’s been happening lately concerning my understanding of legal requirements and how they differ in so many ways depending on location. “STANDARD” is a foreign word in Ukraine – but seriously, nothing happens the same way twice, there’s always a loop hole or glitch some where in every case whether it’s plot contract or visa registration. The plans we have for the house, pictured below are the plans we are building with, but they are too big for the plot on one side  (the right). So on that one side, where we are purchasing the adjacent property, we have to go through the process of purchasing the plot of land to make it legally owned by PROMISE, which will take about 2 months, maybe 3. Then we can work once again with the architect and bring the designs back to her to approve. This bumps our start date for building back to May of next year, 2016, but this is our best option all the way around. Peace that only the Lord can give is sufficient.

This page shows two separate levels of the house in one image
The lofted area on the upper left is the attic/storage area in a rafted area of the ceiling accessible by a drop down ladder. This is the only part of the entire house that has not been made handicapped accessible. 
The center basement area has an extra long run on the stair case as we’ve made the rise of the stairs much lower (4 inches) and the run longer (12 to 14 inches) to allow those who can walk to easily help get food and other items out of the cold cellar.

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