The last 4 days with team 2
THE THREE MUSKETEERS – MAXIM became the 4th Musketeer

This is the finished product!!!
Roll-Away beds with drawer space for a suitcase, blankets and sheets.
Personal shelving with each bunk and a place for mirrors and electrical outlets.
We tried to think of everything 😉

A second coat of lacquer applied to this furniture, looks nice.
Just yesterday, September 12th, Maxim got the mirrors up and I vacuumed up all the sawdust. Today the drawers will be filled with clean sheets, pillows and blankets in preparation for the team arriving on October 3rd.

DOORS! This is the first one
Ben just happened to finish some barn like doors for his own home recently,
so he helped us make one so we can repeat the process.

Ben helped too with understanding. 
What leftover wood we had from building the house,
he shared how select good pieces and to put all that to good use. 
The end result is perfect for the de’cor of our “western look.”

A bit of fun…
…Sunday after church and a walk through the local market we had a bit of down time before being picked up to head back out Darivka.

The guys had a hankering for some action, I think this did the trick.


JAAN, our translator for the day
to the fireplace getting finished

God goes before us every step of the way!
Please be in prayer with us that we stick like glue to His plan.

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