Making progress this week on the drive down to Stephen’s Home PLEASE NOTE: The tiles you see here are being placed for planning purposes. So the trough on the right of the drive will be level with the other bricks  and the those on the left still have […]


the winterizing initiated Work began at the front of the property where the water begins its descent down the hill towards the house, before flowing underground out to the river. This space will be frequently accessed by all who live in this first house, Stephen’s Home […]

Continued tile work inside Stephen’s home. Valentina and his co-worker Sasha have been wrapping up unfinished business. The floor and grout work got completed on this second bathroom, the one off the exercise room. African Safari bathroom in the suite for 4 guys   So nice […]

grout work got done today YEAH!!! Over the past few days water has been hooked up to the house. Our well is now providing for the home so showers and sinks can function. The pastor and his sons who came out to do this work […]

The last 4 days with team 2 THE THREE MUSKETEERS – MAXIM became the 4th Musketeer This is the finished product!!! Roll-Away beds with drawer space for a suitcase, blankets and sheets. Personal shelving with each bunk and a place for mirrors and electrical outlets. […]

August 8th and 9th TALK ABOUT PROGRESS! Planning session Wednesday morning Aaron, David & Ben in a pow-wow together. shelving units installed by David Ben makes sure things happen the drawers were the bear to tackle Aaron using a very special tool for the corners […]

August 7th Cranking out the goods! One bed down, three to go. Dave, Ben and Aaron make quick work with Maxim pitching in to provide an extra pair of hands when needed. Dave’s working on bed number 4. These are on half the attic space.  […]

August 6th Starting on the beds for the team area so when we have guest come in the future, we have a place for them to stay  in Stephen’s home. The morning was one of buying supplies to get the project rolling, literally. The hide-away […]

August 5th First day in Ukraine Sunday services with the congregation in Darivka, then straight to work. The team of three guys here from Roanoke, VA want to “getter done!” David working hard in the kitchen Aaron and Ben at the tile cutter our last […]

Annual Picnic  for 17 of the kids  we regularly work with from the orphanage in Oleshky July 30th and boy was it a hot day, just like last year. Our story of Daniel in the lions den and God’s miraculous provision and care lead to […]