August 7th

Cranking out the goods!

One bed down, three to go.

Dave, Ben and Aaron make quick work with Maxim pitching in to provide an extra pair of hands when needed.

Dave’s working on bed number 4. These are on half the attic space. 
The other side will have beds too.

one of many that my brain has been working on
and Oksana’s been helping with…

The guys that will share the forest themed room, Slava and Sergei, are two really great, special young men. So we’re attempting to make it a space to meet their needs. They’ve gone to long without visual stimulation and activity, Slava especially has been severely challenged to keep occupied. Hopefully little things like decorations will help on those long winter days when going outside is not an option. Leaves, for the ceiling in the forest room are close to being completed.

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