the requirements for opening Stephen’s home

  • State paperwork completed
  • Meeting standard requirements for our specific type of service
  • Vehicle for the home
  • Staff members need medical paper that say they are allowed to work with children
  • Programing that provides development/progression for the young men. Annual plan and schedule of events.
  • Finished building – needs to meet sanitary norms with enough light, accessible, space, etc.
  • Food provision
  • Assistants – need to have one or two people that have qualifications/diplomas stating that they are qualified to oversee and care for these kids/adults (one or two social service workers that will be hired to help us and Kamitra)
  • No debts
  • Medical staff that are qualified/having a diploma
  • Tools and equipment to provide our social service
We would appreciate your prayers ~
This may seem like a short list, but comes with a l
ong list of underlying details that require a whole lot.

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