Been Busy!

This is the safari bathroom

next to the main bathroom

There are two others that are in progress of getting completed then one more to go.

Walls are going up, as you’ve seen, but the interior walls are just about completed. The last team I had here, a week ago, helped to start to put some color on them.

Entry way walls framed up and
the team below standing in the room with four solid walls

One of the bedrooms themed with a bright sunny forest green.
Beverly and Rhonda putting on the first coats.
Sashinka painting light stripes that will become trees to tone down the brightness.
The green looked more muted on the paint swatch than it appeared on the wall 😊. 

The guys worked on the railing for the lofted attic space.
For future teams that come, this space will serve as a devos and team time sitting area with sleeping quarters to the back room that will be closed off.

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