Saturday, October 29th

Do you see some shape taking place?
The team from Kiev complete their work this day and got 
the trusses up on the columns.

Alexe and his team raised the roof, 
not quite a barn raising party like they had in the old days.

from the inside

from the outside

the main four up

In the garden, below – we were able to complete the temporary metal fence, again.
haven’t had any more complaints that I know of

The fence, is up!
All the trees are fenced and insulated for the winter with leaves leaving only the grape vines to trim back this coming week after we plant 2 more trees to fill the holes. It dipped below freezing Friday night so leaves that were left are falling fast.

Tochka, our security pup, evidently thinking he’s going to 
help with the cleaning process.

One of our newly transplanted evergreen trees in the foreground.
I think this is a Juniper variety in the evergreen family, not the pro.

On the right is our second attempt to get an apricot tree in the garden, 
hoping this one will make it through winter.

A new plum tree, again a second attempt, 
with the plan to get a Japanese plum this week to cross pollinate.

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