We have a meeting with the Board of Director’s of PROMISE, this coming Thursday, to decide whether or not to purchase one of 4 different plots available for Naomi’s home. Below are some images of the plots we are considering in the village of Darivka, just blocks from where we are building Stephen’s home.

Option #1 – My favorite, it’s wide open and the amount of land that we need
for Naomi’s home and some expansion. It’s got garden space and it’s a good price.
We could keep and expand from the small house in the far corner
OR take it down without much work and begin fresh and anew.

Option #2 – Has potential, good size main building that would 
need major refurbishing, but is laking a gas hook-up
that is not close so it’d be costly. Sits along the main highway so it could be loud
if we didn’t put up more trees as a noise barrier. No back yard to speak of.
2 back out buildings, one quite large in size

Option #3 – A farm, right outside the village of Darivka, 
these crossroads in the foreground take you into the village.
It is 3.5 hectors, 2.8 acres to a quarter of a hector
Lots of land and therefore the cost is higher, but appropriate. 
The amount of land would allow for lots of possible expansions, but the concern
is that we’d just create another isolated community, like what they’ve been in all their lives
and we are trying to help them become part of community.

Option #4 – the original plot we been considering, just not certain
how honest the owner is, he’s really wanting to get rid of it,
uncertain of his motivation. It’s the closest to the church and Stephen’s
Home plot, it’s a good size, but not enough to give us space to expand.
Smaller than option #1 and twice the price. Has a illegal well on the plot, not registered.
We’d need to completely start from scratch, saving what materials we could from the structure as many
of the materials are reusable and then use the foundation and add on to the structure. 
Lots of paperwork to do all that if it’s worth it. Again no gas hook-up here.

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