Jennifer and I went through the fruit trees, after consulting two other ladies with green thumbs, and discussed which trees needed to come out, which trees are healthy and can stay, how many apple trees we really wanted as a majority of them are apples and such. We’ve narrowed down the number of trees by half to allow for space for each to grow and mature. There are plans to plant other fruit trees in the central part of the garden once the construction is complete. But for now we plan to have 2 cherry trees, 4 apple trees, a pear, 2 peach, an apricot and 2 plum trees. There is a dead walnut tree that we tried, but it just didn’t make it through the hot summer, so we’ll replace that this fall with a new one to become the central shade tree around which the rest of the garden spreads out. The Japanese flowering tree has grown taller and the grape vines are doing great, we’ve got 10 of those in varying kinds that are unknown at this point, 
Sasha just knows he bough 2 of each :-). Hibiscus plants will go in this fall, possibly hollyhocks as well along the neighboring fence line. All other smaller plants and flowers are going to have to wait as this central area of the garden will be a work area through the building of Stephen’s house.

Trying to discern how far from the neighbor Larisa’s property line we want to have 
the back trellis with morning glories planted. 
It will form a semiprivate wall at the back of the swing.

Trying to wrap the smallest grape vine around the string supports 
so it will grow up and not out.
Measuring for the width of the the sidewalk and then the width of the trellis that 
will shade the sidewalk area leading back to the swing.

Jennifer represents the location on the new apricot tree, 
I am standing in the spot of the spot of a lilac transplant 
to fill the far corner and mark the boundary.

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