Back in Ukraine and putting my hand to the “hoe” not the plow, but close. Sasha, Nadya and I worked out on the garden plot of Stephen’s home today clearing weeds and watering the 20 or so fruit trees, most of them having been transplanted. (apple, pear, plum, peach, apricot, and cherry)
There are 10 grape vines as well, planted around the back area where there will be a trellis and garden swing. In the process we found 6 poppy plants and a few wild daisy plants we’ll move into a flower garden area. Oh, the other finds were 3 self planted walnut trees, so were keeping them in case the one we’ve planted as the center of the garden is just a tad larger than a stick, if doesn’t make it. 
We’ve not got enough room for all of them, unfortunately. 

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