Sasha has spent a lot of time filling out documents and paper work, sitting in offices, waiting in lines. 
Everything for the property ownership needs to be registered correctly so we don’t run into problems in the future. I’m very grateful that Sasha is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the certification happens as needed, 
I just don’t know that would have the patience he does.

I’ve been working closely with the architectural firm, eMi (Engineering Ministries International) here in Colorado Springs. We are close to wrapping up the design plans for Stephen’s home. Once complete I’ll pass these off to Sasha to submit to the architect in the Darivka region with a prayer and the intent that she will approve things rather quickly so we can get working on building the foundation an basement this fall.

The exterior entryway took a bit more work to get completed. 
It came out looking very pretty and safe for all who’ll use it.

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