In April we began the process to establish the Ukrainian nonprofit charitable organization called PROMISE. From the 17th of April through mid August I was working with Sasha, our lawyer and a couple of wonderful ladies who are dear friends who helped me translate the whole legal document into English so I could understand it. We spent many hours with the lawyer, who is a brother in Christ, going through every page to make sure it stated what we wanted for PROMISE and for the future of these homes. My pastor and Sasha, the founders of the organization, submitted the document for the official registration process at the end of the summer. It is Ukrainian in its format and set up so that the homes will be under the care of this charity will be blessed by the care of PROMISE. Our board of directors, board of advisers, and auditors are a mix of Ukrainians and Americans; Sasha is the charity director, project manager for the building of the homes and pastor. He’s great! So is God!

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