It’s been a warm winter here, till the 27th of December when it snowed all day. Then on the 29th of December it snowed all day. Sasha is grateful it held off till they were able to get this portion of the  kitchen/classroom building at […]

This week has kept Sasha busy, continuing to get documents certified and to the correct office. As I shared in the last newsletter, the neighbor to the back of the property still refuses to be helpful and willing to sign the papers we need in […]

My sister Wendy is so sweet! She explains here: “In August 2013, I visited missionaries of New Mission Systems International within the Europe Region. While there, I asked God for insight on how I might assist their ministries beyond my role as Human Resources Director. […]

To give you a better idea of the future location of Naomi and Stephen’s homes, where the church in Darivka is located, in comparison with Kherson, here are a couple of images that should help clarify.

The OLD The NEW The only small corner of the building still remaining is the out house.  Once this small building comes down, the way for machinery to reach the PROMISE property, for Stephen’s home (in the background), will be wide and easily accessible. below: […]

As here in the states, the image of the stork is a symbol of blessing and fertility in Ukraine. We just don’t see the storks. In Ukraine, they have many, and on the roof tops of homes is where they build their nests. Many trinkets […]

With the walls for the additional classroom and indoor bathroom complete the roof was next The building here in the foreground will be cleared to make way  for machinery that will be needed on the back portion  of the property in order to build Stephen’s […]

Friday, November 6th, the trees on the property of Stephen’s home were transplanted by Sasha, in the blue shirt, and Joe and Jen, specialist, more importantly friends and a blessing from the Lord at the perfect time. The new garden/orchard area will become a joy for the home.

This past month of October has been busy at the site where Stephen’s home will be built. Sasha and two crews have been working hard to prepare for building by clearing the older storage buildings as well as moving the entry way into the church, […]