For many of you keeping up with Oksana, one of the gals who’s close to my heart, she is so looking forward to having a place in Naomi’s home. When I shared with her this last week that we bought land for Naomi’s home it was neat to slowly watch the understanding sink in and the smile spread across her face. 

This special gal, and orphan, has been through a lot in her short life of 20 years. We’ve spent much time building up to October 7th when she had almost 7 hours of major surgery. She’s been through some long nights of pain after major jaw reconstruction so her teeth could line up so she can eat normally. There are challenges that still need to be overcome, but we got the okay from the surgeon today.  It was our 2 week mark after surgery. 
Oksana really is doing very well by the grace of God.

2 weeks after

Kamitra, Beverly and I
have tried to be the nurse at home that Oksana’s needed with the help 
and encouragement of many ladies from the local church and friends here in Austin, TX.
So very blessed and cared for.

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