Vitia I.

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He’s one of two young men that will be in Stephen’s Home that have Cerebral Palsy. He’s a big guy, a big teddy bear. We have known Vitia for ten years and seen that his physical disabilities are quite strong, but his mind is sharp. He has a few friends who take the time to help him communicate, as speech is one of his biggest challenges. He is in a wheelchair most of the time, since his legs are strongly affected.

Vitia has a strong desire to learn and grow, but like many of his peers, that opportunity has never been offered to him. With a computer and programs to inspire, we will be able to open his mind and offer him the world his Maker has created. What will be extra special is that our project manager, Maxim, who is also an IT Specialist, is willing to enable Vitia and other guys in the home, to learn in a way and manner that’s best for them. Special programs and hand tools will be needed for Vitia as his motor skills are not refined. He is able to do most everything for himself, yet humble enough to ask for help when he needs it.

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