Kyrylo Y.

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Kyrylo was moved to the Oleshky orphanage as a young teen, so it took quite a bit of time for him to adjust to life there. It wasn’t too many years later that he knew he was getting close to 18 years of age and would have to be moved again to an adult institution. Despite many days and months of trying to become as independent as possible so he could be moved to the better option, Kakhovka, Kyrylo was told “NO.” He did not meet their standard and was shipped off to Kiary.

Kyrylo has shared many tears with us over the years, desperately wanting to know he is loved and cared about. On our most recent visit to the men’s institution in Kiary, we knew he’d celebrated his birthday, and we could not let that fact go unnoticed. We’d brought MP3 players to give as gifts, containing sermons, Christian books, music, and an audio Bible. When Kyrylo asked what we’d gifted and heard the answer, he shouted at the top of his lungs, “I have my first MP3 player,” over and over. He made us all laugh with joy.

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