Sasha B.

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Sasha is now in Dnipriany, he is quite the character and has Cerebral Palsy. Though he’s a man of few words, he’s very expressive. Like many others with palsy, speech takes all his focused effort to formulate, and most people don’t have time to wait patiently to listen. I’ll share with you, once Sasha’s in Stephen’s Home with a computer in front of him, he’s going to be talking a mile a minute! It’s going to take quite an effort to slow him down.

At the orphanage in Oleshky, Sasha was placed in a group surrounded by little guys close to half his age. I started working with him just a few years before he was moved out to Dnipriany and found out he’s quite intelligent. But Sasha has also learned to play dumb, as so many have assumed that of him his whole life. Below that initial surface he’s quite the treasure, just waiting to be discovered.

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