Wheelchair lift

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Being able to go to town

As able bodied people, getting in a car is a thoughtless process. For the young guys who will be living in Stephen’s Home, rarely have they ever ridden in a car, let alone a nice van. Most of their institutional lives, they have been loaded into the back of a cargo bus and transported like a parcel or a package. No More!

At Stephen’s Home, when the family goes someplace, whether it’s just a trip into town to get groceries, or on vacation to the Black Sea, everyone needs to easily join in the fun. The experience of traveling together as a family is another new way these guys are going to learn what being part of a community is. Seeing the world through their eyes as they see new things and experience new places they never dreamed of going. This lift system is going to be something the family can’t live without.

It’s fun from the perspective of the houseparents youngest son Kostya, he is just thrilled to ride in the PROMISE van and be on the move. He knows when home is close and he begins to whine as he knows his ride is close to over. He loves sitting in the van so much that mom and dad, during the summer will just open up the side doors and let him sit for a while, but see Kostya’s a small 11 year old. Our young men are just that, they are men in their 20’s. Mom and Dad can’t just lift them up and set them in their chair in the car. This lift will enable mom and dad to do so. What a blessing it will be.

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